Editorial Criteria

In an attempt to expedite the publication process, the Editors of the Tinta Journal request that authors follow the upcoming norms when preparing their articles.

All essays submitted should be prepared according to the guidelines in the Eighth Edition of the MLA Style Manual.

In addition, a 200-word abstract and a brief list of keywords must accompany each essay. The abstract must be written in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan or Galician.

  • Please make sure that your name does not appear anywhere in the initial submission of your manuscript including references to your own work.
  • An acknowledgment note should not be included in the submission. It may be included after the essay has been accepted.
  • The essay should be accompanied by a cover sheet in a separate file that will include the necessary identifying information, such as your name, professional address, affiliation, and the title of your essay.
  • Place all notes at the end in a separate “Notes” section. Use the same font as the rest of the text.
  • The Notes section must always precede the “Works Cited”.
  • If your essay is accepted, you are responsible for securing permissions for any material you want to include in your article. You must then send us these permissions in writing. 
  • No footnote is allowed in the title of the article.
  • Use only one footnote per sentence. Place the footnote number at the end of the sentence, outside the period if the article is in English and inside the period if the article is in Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan or Galician.
  • All parenthetical references should follow the MLA Style Manual. 
  • Page numbers should be placed at punctuation.
  • The list of “Works Cited” should conform with the MLA Style Manual. Include complete titles of all books.
  • Paragraphs of more than an entire page are extremely difficult to follow. Divide excessively long paragraphs where appropriate to the logic of the argument. 
  • For each journal entry included in the “Works Cited”, include the issue number when available, along with the volume number.
  • When quoting text from an original source, quote in the same language as the original quote. Do not rewrite the quote by translating the text yourself. 
  • It is the author's responsibility to verify the accuracy of all quoted material in the manuscript.
  • Ensure that your final manuscript still adheres to the limit of 6000 words (including “Notes” and “Works Cited”) indicated in the submission guidelines.