Digital Issues

  • Second Series, Volume 1 (2020) | ISSN 2693-9231


Alba Constenla and Pedro Craveiro eds.


This first digital edition follows 7 volumes previously published in paper form, edited between 1981 and 2003. Some of these volumes are online. All of the paper volumes are also available at the Davidson Library at UC Santa Barbara under its former name Tinta: Research Journal of Hispanic and Lusophone StudiesYou can read the complete issue here.


Contents and Foreword                                                


Special Contribution    
Francisco Topa                                      


João Gabriel Rabello Sodré  
Aldones Nino
Victoria Broadus
Azucena Trincado Murugarren
Gabrielle Forster 
Allen Magaña
Martinho Pedro


Nuno Brito                                                                                            
Susana Vieira 




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